Evaporator natural convection and ascending film

There are several types of industrial evaporator, and among them is the evaporator of natural convection.

This type of evaporator is provided with a number of vertical short tubes, which are inside a steam body, this device is called Calandra, how this convection type evaporator which makes it different from the other, is that the product is heated and rises through natural convection tubes and only from there that the steam condenses and comes out from the outside of the tubes, finally an explanation of this type of evaporator, the liquid that comes out of it is concentrated and returned to the base of the container through a central annular section.

Rising Film Evaporator – this system can evaporate liquids that are of low viscosity, which boil within the vertical tubes, it happens that these tubes are heated due to the vapor in outdoor, it does so such that the liquid rises in the interior and the tubes will by dragging vapors formed in the bottom of the tube. best industrial products for wastewater

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