Care electricals and electric motor avoid fires on boats

Many feel that the problem affects more vessels are the wrecks, but this idea is wrong and the biggest problem of the boats are the fires.

Voltage drops should be avoided on the boat in every way and it is necessary that the inverter always be as close as possible to the batteries and as high as possible in the basement, it is necessary that he have no contact with water, because as everyone knows both electric motor like no other equipment connected on the power combines with water.

The boat has has the open command is not free of splashing water is the time to wash the hull or at the time of shipping. This water can cause the electric motor and the connections of wirings rust and also compromise the durability of the cable. To combat this you must always check the rubber seals on the panel.

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A boat shall not be subjected in no case the footlights. For this reason it is not necessary to use fuses in high current loop, because they usually create voltage drops on weak batteries and it will difficult time starting the electric motor, starter cables from the electric motor and the awl do not need their fuses, but the cables must be oversized.

Electric Motor cleaning

Understand what are the differences in cleaning the electric motor when it is subjected to a partial review or a full review

The electric motor can be subjected to two types of review which may be the partial revision or complete overhaul.

When the electric motor is subjected to a partial review, the engine undergoes a process of draining the condensed water; the inside of the terminal box is clean; a visual inspection of the winding insulation is performed; the slip rings are clean, brush conditions should be analyzed and also the heat exchanger must be clean.

Already full review that the electric motor is subjected is done cleaning the dirty windings with a soft brush. The compressed air must pass through the ventilation channels in the stator plate package, rotor and bearings; the condensed water must be drained and the inside of the terminal boxes and slip rings should be cleaned; the insulation resistance should be measured; the set of brushes / brush holder should be cleaned and the heat exchanger must also be cleaned completely. industry made heels

Grease is a key component for the life of the electric motor is guaranteed

Grease undoubtedly no, is a key component for the engine life is maintained, but and moreover, use the right amount of grease on the electric motor is a key aspect for the electric motor is well lubricated.

The process of re-lubricate the electric motor must be done according to specification contained on the nameplate.

For the initial lubrication of electric motor coxreels mrosupply bearing is done efficiently, the stated is that at first the lubrication of the electric motor is made following the electric motor instruction manual or even following the electric motor lubrication chart .

If this information is not available, the electric motor bearing must be filled with grease up to half of your space that is empty and this space should be what is between the rotating bodies.

It is essential that this lubrication operation is done with care and cleaning, as the penetration of dirt inside the electric motor can lead to serious problems.

Rotor and stator electric motor

Stamping is used to cut silicon steel plates that will be applied in the magnetic core of the rotor and stator of the electric motor.

The printing is nothing more than cutting the silicon steel plates in sheets that are thin and will be applied in the magnetic core in both the rotor as the electric motor stator. The cutting template is usually prepared following the profile of the magnetic circuit of the electric motor L1307A and it is ready to be grouped and compressed so that the formed part to which it is intended.

The stamping process which is used to form the magnetic core of the electric motor deteriorates with the passage of time the crystalline structure of the magnetic domains. The beans also called magnetic domains has a distribution that is homogeneous throughout the material because of the hysteresis loss is nothing more than the movement of the walls of the magnetic domains is also homogeneous in the material.

Atendimento no buffet infantil

Atendimento é o que deve chamar a atenção do cliente em potencial do buffet infantil

É comum um cliente que quer fazer uma festa no buffet infantil em Osasco buscar os mais diversos estabelecimentos e além de visitar, fazer algumas comparações, pois assim poderá ser colocado na balança todas as vantagens e desvantagens de cada um dos buffets infantis visitados.

Mas, para fazer com que o seu cliente opte pelo seu buffet infantil em osasco é importante não apresentar apenas o local, a decoração e o cardápio, todavia deverão conquistar o seu cliente fatores como o atendimento e a qualidade da atenção que é dispensada ao cliente no momento em que o interessado visita o buffet infantil.

O cliente pode ter visitado um buffet infantil incrível, porém se o atendimento não foi feito de maneira satisfatória, com certeza o buffet infantil terá perdido um cliente em potencial e precisa urgentemente rever os seus conceitos.

Electric motor also called synchronous generator

Electric motor also called synchronous generator is able to convert mechanical energy into electrical energy

Electric motor or synchronous generator is a rotating electric machine that can be used as a generator when it is able to convert mechanical energy into electrical energy or even when the electric motor can also transform electrical energy into mechanical energy.

The synchronous motor is an electric motor having synchronous rotational speed with the frequency with which it is fed. The synchronous motor can be used both in the generation of reactive power and for correcting the power factor that is generated in other electric induction motors.

The ideal is to use synchronous electric motor to generate reactive power controllably driven by high power factor. This type of electric motor is easily found in plants that generate electricity that can be both hydroelectric and thermoelectric plants in.